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Please Your Lady

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Come Join [24 Jun 2005|06:26pm]


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My Very Own [MF, rom, mild dom] [30 Apr 2005|04:51pm]

[ mood | hot ]

(Author's note: this is a continuation of a series I started in my LJ.
This part is cross-posted to sexstories, and other parts are here in _oral_sex_ and here in eroticfantasies.
Comments and critiques are always welcome.)

Another aspect of le petit mort, deferred...

Turning the tablesCollapse )

"My very own..."

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[26 Aug 2004|07:04am]

We bought a somewhat large glass dildo with some rather pronounced bumps and a big spiral that goes around it. We bought it on ebay. Had we seen it up close before, we probably wouldn't have bought it the ridges and bumps are too severe for masturbation.


I have found that if I work it into her and just leave it there, then do a little clit work either with my tongue or a vibrator and she orgasms around these ridges and bumps, she likes it, she really really likes it!

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[07 Apr 2004|07:01am]

[ mood | artistic ]

This one won't work with every woman, but it sure works with my wife!

Start her off laying on her front, and do a slow massage. Include her back, shoulders, hips and legs. The point is to get her relaxed. When you're done with that, turn her over, she is going to be expecting you to massage her front, and you will, but not yet. Gently spread her legs and go down on her, and lick her all of the way to orgasm.

Now start the frontal body massage avoiding the crotch area, it is sensitive right now and we need it to settle down and relax. Now that you have done a thorough massage and she has come almost all of the way down he get to some serious action.

Get her favorite vibrator, I like to use the one with the swirling head and the little bunny that stimulates the clit, but if i think she can take it, I go to the big guns, the hitachi wand! The point is to bring her to another orgasm, this one should be stronger. After she has peaked and is just starting to come down, lose the toy and move your fingers in deep, find the g-spot, and immediately bring her to her third, orgasm.

Now she is going to be very sensitive so let her come down more than you did before but not until the spasms have completely subsided. Now fuck her hard and for all that your worth, positioning her so that your cock head is hammering her g-spot. For Chloe, I lift her hips a little and point my dick at an up angel. If done right and she is the right kind of girl, this will bring her to a fourth and most powerful orgasm.

There you have it, use one orgasm to feed the next, but use a different method each time.

She will be exhausted but quite happy.

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[29 Mar 2004|09:03am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Am I the only guy that likes pleasing the ladies?

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Antici.......(SAY IT!....SAY IT!)..............PATION!!! [23 Mar 2004|08:14am]

[ mood | creative ]

Lay your girl down (the start of many good things) and start kissing and carressing her. Go over her whole body, but avoid her pussy... completely! Besure to spend time on all of her eroginous zones, the breaste, the belly, the inner thigh, any that are unique to her.

Keep do this until she finally says something about her pussy, then tell her that you aren't going to touch here there untill she is good and wet.

Go on for several more minutes caressing and kissing then ask her if she is wet yet, don't check and DON'T let her use her hands to check herself. If she isn't sure keep teasing, if she says yes tell her that there will be some kind of consequence for lying. I like to say that if I reach down there and she isn't wet, I am just going to jerk myself off onto her and go write on live journel. Keep teasing.

Continue to tease until she actually begs you to touch her down there.

The key here is to get her to actually ache to be touched. I have known girls that will go straight to orgasm at first contact if this is done right.

When she gets to the begging point, here are some suggestions:

-Have her use her fingers to open herself up to show you that she is wet, but prohibit her from touching her clit. Make her describe in detail exactally what she wants.

-Push her knees up towards her chest and spread her legs to inspect her wetness. If she looks wet enough and you know her body well enough, I like to suddenly thust my penis all of the way into her with no precurser or ceremony. After waiting for so long to just be touched, a full penatration as the first contact will sometimes send her over the edge.

Be creative!!!

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Internal Massage [11 Feb 2004|09:21am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I discovered this one by accident.

The girl lays on her back with her legs spread, the guy sits between them.
The guy crosses his wrists and places the backs of his hands together. he then slips both of his index fingers into her and massages the side (the walls) of her vagina. When she is relaxed enough insert the index and ring fingers (4 fingers now). The more you do this the more fingers you can get in . I have been able to get all eight into my wife but it was too uncomfortable to sustain.

This technique produces some pretty intense feelings for the woman, the three or for I have done this to have all said that they have never felt anything like it. And the guy can actually feel the striations of the vaginla muscles, which is kind of cool.

The other bonus of this technique is that it realaxes the vagina, this has two bebefits: 1. It allows deeper finger penetration making it easier to find the g-spot and 2. the womans relaxed state increases her ability to have a manual g-spot orgasm!

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Spiral of Nines!! [11 Feb 2004|09:12am]

[ mood | productive ]

I don't remember where I came across (he he! I said came) this technique but it sure as hell works! Its done during intercourse and I have found the doggie and missionary are the best positions.

8 quick, short shallow thrusts then 1 long deep one.
7 shorts and 2 long
6 shorts and 3 long
(getting the picture)
when you get to 9 long then start reversing the order:
8 long 1 short
7 long 2 short
6 long 3 short
Not only does this drive her wild but if the guy has problems with controling his orgasm, consentrating on the counting will help!

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[04 Feb 2004|12:14am]

Well personally I've always found that the recipe for a perfect night of amour involves me drinking 15 pints of lager, taking in a curry, a strip show, losing my wallet, then weaving home, announcing (through the burps) to My Heart's Desire that I am a love albatross. Then fall asleep, snoring loudly, waking only to vomit briefly, then sleep again.

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[26 Jan 2004|03:37pm]

I absolutely love to give oral sex to my woman, but I'm curious about other techniques that I haven't tried yet or don't know about.
Does anyone know of some handy websites or places providing various techniques on oral sex for zee ladies? :)

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[18 Jan 2004|09:02pm]
i used to make a sport out of pleasing my girlfriend.

which is more important - quality or the quantity?

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