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Antici.......(SAY IT!....SAY IT!)..............PATION!!!

Lay your girl down (the start of many good things) and start kissing and carressing her. Go over her whole body, but avoid her pussy... completely! Besure to spend time on all of her eroginous zones, the breaste, the belly, the inner thigh, any that are unique to her.

Keep do this until she finally says something about her pussy, then tell her that you aren't going to touch here there untill she is good and wet.

Go on for several more minutes caressing and kissing then ask her if she is wet yet, don't check and DON'T let her use her hands to check herself. If she isn't sure keep teasing, if she says yes tell her that there will be some kind of consequence for lying. I like to say that if I reach down there and she isn't wet, I am just going to jerk myself off onto her and go write on live journel. Keep teasing.

Continue to tease until she actually begs you to touch her down there.

The key here is to get her to actually ache to be touched. I have known girls that will go straight to orgasm at first contact if this is done right.

When she gets to the begging point, here are some suggestions:

-Have her use her fingers to open herself up to show you that she is wet, but prohibit her from touching her clit. Make her describe in detail exactally what she wants.

-Push her knees up towards her chest and spread her legs to inspect her wetness. If she looks wet enough and you know her body well enough, I like to suddenly thust my penis all of the way into her with no precurser or ceremony. After waiting for so long to just be touched, a full penatration as the first contact will sometimes send her over the edge.

Be creative!!!
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