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This one won't work with every woman, but it sure works with my wife!

Start her off laying on her front, and do a slow massage. Include her back, shoulders, hips and legs. The point is to get her relaxed. When you're done with that, turn her over, she is going to be expecting you to massage her front, and you will, but not yet. Gently spread her legs and go down on her, and lick her all of the way to orgasm.

Now start the frontal body massage avoiding the crotch area, it is sensitive right now and we need it to settle down and relax. Now that you have done a thorough massage and she has come almost all of the way down he get to some serious action.

Get her favorite vibrator, I like to use the one with the swirling head and the little bunny that stimulates the clit, but if i think she can take it, I go to the big guns, the hitachi wand! The point is to bring her to another orgasm, this one should be stronger. After she has peaked and is just starting to come down, lose the toy and move your fingers in deep, find the g-spot, and immediately bring her to her third, orgasm.

Now she is going to be very sensitive so let her come down more than you did before but not until the spasms have completely subsided. Now fuck her hard and for all that your worth, positioning her so that your cock head is hammering her g-spot. For Chloe, I lift her hips a little and point my dick at an up angel. If done right and she is the right kind of girl, this will bring her to a fourth and most powerful orgasm.

There you have it, use one orgasm to feed the next, but use a different method each time.

She will be exhausted but quite happy.
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